Pianist, Conductor, Composer

State Artist of Azerbaijan


 She was born in Baku in 1991, the capital city of Azerbaijan. Manafzade, daughter of pianist Islam Manafov, State Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic, started her first musical education at the Absheron Children's Music School at the age of 6.

 She gave concerts Austria, Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Uzbekistan and many other countries until today.

 In 2012 she studied at MSFAU State Conservatory and graduated from Nurferi Onur's piano class. Turan Manafzade also studied Composition with Hasan Uçarsu and Mehmet Nemutlu, Counterpoint with Ahmet Altınel and Fugue with Özkan Manav.

 She attended the masterclasses of Tamara Poddubnaya and Boris Petrushansky. In 2012, she got the opportunity to work with Dimitri Bashkirov by passing the qualifiers at the International Summer Music Academy held annually in Salzburg, Austria.


 Turan Manafzade and her brother Abuzar Manafzade played in Azerbaijan with a concert tour performance of 18 concerts in 2 weeks in April 2013.

 They won first place in the "Piano Duo" category at the "International Pera Piano Competition" held in Istanbul in May. In June 2013, they won the third place in the "Solo Piano" category of the "Baden - Würtemberg Piano Competition" held in Baden-Baden, Germany and won the first place in the "Piano Duo" category with Abuzar Manafzade. Another success of Manafzade; 1st place in the “Folk-Jazz” category at the “International Piano Competition” held in Albena, Bulgaria, 2nd place in the “Solo Piano” category, 2nd place in the “Piano Duo” category with Abuzar Manafzade, “Two Pianos” and "Musician Family" categories with her family.

 She worked as a conductor with Antonio Pirolli, Naci Özgüç, Zdravko Lazarov, Can Okan in the Conducting Department of MSFAU, which she was entitled to enter in 2014 and graduated from the department in 2019.

 Turan Manafzade was invited to conduct the "New Year" concert with Abuzar Manafzade in Vienna's "Muth" concert hall in January 2019 and in September 2019, she performed a piano concert with his whole family at the ''Azerbaijan Culture House'' in Vienna. In 2019 May she conducted Abuzar Manafzade's Balaban Concerto's Baku premiere which is the national instrument Balaban's first concerto composed by Abuzar Manafzade. In 2019 she gave the private concert to President of Azerbaijan and President of Turkey in TANAP project's opening ceremony with her family. 

 She successfully completed her graduate education at Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Master of Business Administration which she started in October 2019 with her thesis titled ''The Impact of Digital Transformation to Art and Artist Activities'': A Research on COVID-19 '' in February 2021.

 Turan Manafzade invited as a Culture Ambassador for special friendship concert at the European Parliament from DTİK (World Turkish Business Council) on 3 December 2020 and she gave concerts as a Culture Ambassador at the invitation of SOCAR in Turkey in 2021.

Manafzade has just started her master's degree in orchestral conducting with Cem Mansur and continues her music life to teaching and doing concerts with physically and digital. 



Some National and International Projects


3rd Silkroad Music Conference and Othello Concert

Silkroad Orchestra

Conductor: Turan Manafzade



Conductor and music officer:

Turan Manafzade

3 representation


Istanbul State Opera and Ballet

"Special Concert" at the European Parliament

as a Culture Ambassador

with the invitation of the

World Turkic Business Council



Opening ceremony

Manafzade's Concert



SOCAR ''Tuesday Talks''

Guest Artist




Beşiktaş Municipality

Islam Manafov & Turan Manafzade's

Digital Concert


SOCAR / Star Refinery

Opening ceremony



Special Concert of Italian Embassy in Baku &

Women's Day Concert

Conductor: Turan Manafzade



Special Piano Concert of Turan Manafzade

Azerbaijani Embassy in Ankara

Chess Museum



Vienna New Year's Concert

Conductors: Turan Manafzade & Abuzar Manafzade



Private meeting with Ottavianno de Medici di Toscana

who living Last Prince of the Medici


Women's Day Concert

Baku Congress Center

Conductor: Turan Manafzade



Turkey / Ankara & Izmir

Conductor: Turan Manafzade



''Vatan Uzakta Değil'' konseri

Dijital Konserler

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Communication and Collaboration

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